Poets about Love

Poets about Love

Sunday, March 8, 2020 at 4.15 pm

One World / Sergey Vashchenko Presents at the Austin International School, 4001 Adelphi Ln., Austin TX 78727

Houston Puppet Theater KHOKHLOMA Poets about Love

Style: Puppet show

Puppet show “POETS ABOUT LOVE”

Dedicated of International Women’s Day: Omar Hayam, A. Pushkin, U. Lermontov, Mayakovsky, Simonov, Rozhdestvenskiy.

Alexander Pushkin
I loved you and my love may still be there,
Deep in my soul remains to stay aglow.
That should not cause you any more despair –
I do not want to hurt you any more.

I loved you unrequited in still wonder
Through bouts of jealousy and diffidence.
I loved you so sincerely and tender –
God bless you with such love of someone else.

Michael Lermontov
I do not love you; my passions’
And torments’ erstwhile dream has left no trace;
But in my soul your likeness
Is still alive, though its erstwhile power has left no trace;
Even given up to other dreams,
Forget it I could not:
Just as an abandoned temple is still a temple,
And a disgraced idol is still a god!

Vladimir Mayakovsky
You’ll forget tomorrow that I crowned you,
That this love burnt out my flowery heart
And the carnival of vain days will, whirling,
Tear the pages of my books apart…
Will the dry leaves of my words
Make you stop, breathing avidly?
Let me pave with this last tender verse
Your steps, as you’re leaving rapidly.

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